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Conveyor Rollers

The WHITE LAI Conveyor Roller is the new generation heavy-duty lightweight, alternative to a steel shell roller. It offers the best solution to roller failure caused by corrosion in humid and wet conditions.  Although the roller is lightweight, (approximately 50% that of steel) it is engineered using modern polymer and fibre (HDPE) materials to substantially out last steel.  Comparative wear test proof is available on request.

The lightweight design means that risk of back injury is significantly reduced as physical OHS manual handling is made easier, especially when carrying up steep inclines. WHITE LAI Conveyor rollers are in most cases self cleaning by not allowing carry back to stick to the non porous shell, causing mistracking, potential spillage or belt wear.

WHITE LAI's Conveyor Roller give you:

      More durable and last longer – corrosion, wear, and UV resistant.
   Lighter for manual handling – 50% less weight than steel.
   Conveyor belt friendly – minimises belt damage.
      Significant noise reduction whilst in operation – improves OHS.

Conveyor Rollers


Adjustable Conveyor Frames

Adjustable conveyor trough frames can be installed at the head and/ or tail transition zones of all types of conveyors.  They replace the need to have an already predetermined mounting/feet hole pitch and/ or position, whilst using fixed angle transition frames.

 The key benefits of WHITE LAI adjustable conveyor trough frames are:

      Adjustable trough conveyor frames are not depended on fixed mounting positions along the conveyor stringer, unlike their fixed angle counterparts.
   Adjustable trough conveyor frames are easily positioned before and/ or after obstacles, such as drift switches and transfer chute supporting structure.
   Accuracy or pitch of mounting holes in conveyor stringers is not as vital.
   ●   Multiple adjustable angle ranges available.
    Available in both Inline and Offset configuration.

Adjustable Conveyor Frames


Conveyor Belting

The WHITE LAI heat resistant conveyor belting is designed with high temperature resistant compound to convey heat materials.  Its excellent heat resistant function makes the conveyor belt still retain good rubber properties and retardant aging under heat transportation and severe condition hence the product  is increasing the belt’s service life.

Chevron conveyor belt is suitable for conveying loose, bulky or bagged materials on inclined surface at angles of less than 40 degrees.

Key product features include:

   Cleats and top cover rubber are vulcanized integrally;
   Cleat pattern, angle and pitch are designed elaborately.
Blow bars

The convenient services give you strong support

With the completely service systems,Shanghai White Lai provide you with pre-sale, during the sales and after-sales services timely.

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    Agency and agent all ovr the world

    Shanghai White Lai have many office in main market , and services to the customers face-to-face.

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    Shanghai White Lai after-service number is 0086-21-68768882, 24 hours technical support by e-mail, by phone.

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    The first-class customer service

    If needed,experienced technicians guidance is available anytime.

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    Wear parts supply whole year

    Shanghai White Lai with most professional wear parts supply system,to meet the market demand for services effectively.

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    technical support whole day

    Shanghai White Lai has service team, and guidence with maintenance, spare parts, technical service work, etc.

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