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For the crusher, the Long-running of good performance, based on starting stringent requirements on the production line, as well as manufacturers adhering to the professional responsibility. WHITE LAI always keep in mind our customers' expectations, through the rigorous screening and parts of the production process of strict control, so that the birth of each crusher, have become the starting point for reliable operation.

Leading technology and equipment

Production excellence, to provide you with high performance products

WHITE LAI all key processes, skilled workers in key positions on the undergo a rigorous training and examination. Moreover, in order to better improve production standards, we also specifically send employees to USA to accept Sandvik‘s technical training and certification to ensure the quality of the welding operation. Today's piecemeal efforts, precisely to the customer's long-term benefit.

Q(X)5240 digital display double column vertical lathe

It is installed with electric elements of high quality and stability and adopts Germany Siemens 802DS electric control. The complete processing and assembly technique, strict quality control system, high-precision speed transforming gear and high-precision grinder spiral bevel gear ensure top quality of ourproducts. The machine is widely used in the cylindrical grinding, inner hole, end face, inner and outer cone processing.

Increased turning capacity

WHITE LAI have increased our CNC and manual turning capacity with the purchase of two new machining centres to be used in the manufacture of precision machined crusher spare parts and crusher repairs in china.

Our extensive and modern manufacturing facilities include CNC, milling, turning, boring, slotting, grinding, drilling, welding, co-ordinate measuring and material testing.

Doosan CNC Machining Centre

High rigidity rails, high-performance and high-precision standards, with the long-term to maintain the accuracy and ultra-precision surface processing performance, high durability can create extraordinary value. Mainly used in our precision parts processing.

CNC floor style boring milling machine

CNC floor style boring milling machine has both rough and fine machining capabilities. It is primarily used in the processing of the workpieces of our equipment, including drilling, boring, tapping and reaming and turning and milling of workpiece surfaces. The machine is equipped with stable digital display device with precision to 0.005mm. The machine has high rigidity, precision and stability and thus largely improves our processing technique.

Precision Manufacture

WHITE LAI technical services operate CNC machining centres complete with driven tooling capable of high-accuracy and heavy-duty machining of large, heavy and long components up to 5050mm in length and supporting a workpiece up to 8.9 tonnes between chuck and tailstock.In addition we have the ability to manually machine a broad range of precision machined components up to 2450mm diameter.

Slide block radial drilling machine

The drilling machine can be widely used in the drilling, counterboring, fine finishing operation and reaming in the machinery equipment manufacturing.