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By 2015, WHITE LAI cone crusher sales break through

300 Set

Every year,WHITE LAI cone crusher cumulative processing2,700,000,000Tons of stone
stable operation1,300,000hour


Efficient, is your goal, but also our pursuit.

WHITE LAI Has been continuous improvement in the intrinsic properties of The Products, Improve the product details, and with a strong R & D capability and excellent market competitiveness, to help customer improve productivity, reduce production costs, to better meet the growing customer needs and create greater value.


Energy-saving, is your profit, but also our ability.

WHITE LAI cone crusher, high crushing ratio, efficiency, low energy consumption, even final particles, can effectively simplify the process,and has a long life of wear parts, which Saving 30% Energy than other manufacturers equipment.


Eco-friendly, is your request ,but also our pursuit.

We focus on efficiency, but also pay attention to environmental protection from the production process, such as the production line of dust removal equipment, spray equipment and equipment import and export of equipment and other improvements are effective measures to reduce the production process dust and noise. Our crusher can handle coal gangue, slag, construction waste, etc., to achieve a recycling resource reuse.

Scientific Research Strength

Science and technology, is the soul of crusher, with the strongest R & D capabilities of WHITE LAI, use the cutting-edge technology with the perfect combination of cone crusher products,Let every customer is doubly confident and at ease in operation.

Leading equipment

WHITE LA has Various world-class CNC , such as CNC VTL OPERATOR, Planing Machine, CNC heavy-duty horizontal lathe. These advanced equipments ensure that our products are of precise specification.

Independent Technology

Crusher adopts tapered roller bearing
Improve rotation speed

The mantle core and the crushing chambre Not required filled epoxy,
Easy to Replace Plates.

Hydraulic Clear Cavity and Hydraulic Adjustment of cone crusher can reduce the time of machinery halt

Elite Team

Aggregation mine machinery technology elite, to create maximum value for your product.

Lean Management

Every aspect of production, there has Professionals monitoring, WHITE LAI has the industry's most complete, the most precise measurement, metering equipment, WHITE LAI has passed ISO9001: 2008 quality certification and European CE certification.

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