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Spare parts and wear parts

  • This is a value-based solutions that provide the necessary equipment contract within a period of time parts. The solution is the result of discussions and negotiations to avoid the cumbersome procurement terms, conditions which led to unnecessary delay in delivery, and can maintain the consistency of the procurement.

  • Use genuine original parts to ensure optimum equipment performance

    WHITE LAI as an original equipment manufacturer, we offer our entire line of products produced by the need, with a quality assurance components, and provide comprehensive services and proprietary technology.

    Based on the customer needs and a deep understanding of the production process, we have set up their own wear parts products, we can provide all the high-wear parts needed for the various models.

  • Spare parts and wear parts

    Product quality, with the nature, structure and function of our best parts, so as to ensure the customer the lowest operating costs and optimal profitability. We offer a comprehensive supply of spare parts and technical support for all Metso equipment.

  • WHITE LAI Materials Technology - beneficiation and minerals processing

    By introducing innovative materials technology solutions, WHITE LAI Materials Technology performance in harsh operating environments beneficiation and minerals processing applications excellent wear parts last longer.

    All WHITE LAI spare parts and wear are using high-quality materials, tools and techniques, and in accordance with specific design parameters are carefully designed and manufactured.

  • Global logistics and distribution network

    WHITE LAI offers a comprehensive spare parts and wear parts worldwide services at reasonable prices, the timely delivery of the right parts to designated locations customers.

    Our service center to establish a fast, easy parts delivery response mechanism that can provide you with effective parts replacement service.

    The parts supply entrusted to WHITE LAI, ensuring customers the lowest inventory cost.