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Service Solutions

WHITE LAI's comprehensive portfolio of services can provide a variety of solutions to ensure every aspect of your process system functioning optimally.

  • Training


    Knowledge is power. WHITE LAI engineers and field service representatives to our customers Tuition FAQ, to impart knowledge to enhance their...

  • Spare parts and wear parts

    Spare parts and wear parts

    Keep original parts complete and perfect integration is the key for solutions.In order to ensure that your equipment in good condition, you need...

  • Technical Support

    Technical Support

    Experience has shown that regular inspections help to achieve quality, quantity and time of production targets. Regular checks help prevent...

  • Field Service

    Field Service

    WHITE LAI can provide professional on-site service, to maintain or improve the operating performance of mechanical and process the customer's facility...

  • Refurbished Equipment

    Refurbished Equipment

    WHITE LAI service with customers to establish partnerships equipment throughout service life. Refurbishment of equipment can maximize...

  • Service Tips

    Service Tips

    Service is prompt us to share communication channels within the service area of useful information, including operation and maintenance, performance improvement...